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Transform your photos into one-of-a-kind AI Art.

Turn your pet photos & selfies into beautiful AI images in just a few taps! Ready to start? Download Delicious now:



Graphic of an iPhone showing screens from the Delicious app with AI art images displayed
An iPhone showing the create images of a pet dog generated by the Delicious app.Screenshot of the delicious app showing multiple photos of a red heeler dog uploaded by a user
Unlock your creativity with the only AI app that lets you turn pets into art

See how AI envisions you and your pets!

Our AI algorithms analyze your photos, using the data points to create completely original AI-generated art in endless styles, from realistic to fantastical.

Just Upload Photos or Use Our In-App Camera. AI Does the Rest.

It's really that easy. Upload photos and watch as our AI creates stunning, unique images of your pets, your friends, celebrities or yourself!

A collage of images of people and pets generated by Delicious AI
Screenshots from the Delicious app showing an AI generated dog in three creative styles

New styles added daily

Once your photos are uploaded, add new styles in just a few taps! Share your unique creations with family, friends and on social!

Quickly Create Out-of-this-World Art of People and Pets

Never Ending Creativity with Beautiful New Styles Daily

Download and Share Your Art with Family and Friends

Start creating today.

Screenshot of the Delicious app showing multiple generated images of a pet dog in a Santa hat
Screenshot of the Delicious app showing multiple generated images of a woman in a painted ethereal aesthetic